Jay Graves

How to Use Keygrinder

Every so often I get an email like this “How do I use KeyGrinder?”. This is a fair question. KeyGrinder does not do a very good job of teaching people how to use it. I always figured that if people didn’t know about PwdHash they wouldn’t even bother to download it. However it turns out that there are people out there hungry for better password security and are seeking something to help them.

This post is for them.

KeyGrinder uses the Stanford PwdHash algorithm to mix together a URL domain and a master password to come up with a strong password that is unique to that domain.

For example the domain “” plus a master password of “prettybird” gives us a PwdHash of “n2A0x64KS1BC”.

The domain “” plus a master password of “prettybird” gives us a PwdHash of “lYuZHW5JZHM3”.

Thats the same master password used at a different domain giving us a completely different password. If you are the type of user that uses the same password for most of your online logins, KeyGrinder allows you to have a unique strong password for every website you use. Simply change your passwords on the sites you visit to the ones generated by KeyGrinder and you are good to go.

The KeyGrinder iOS and Mac apps allow you to enter in your domain and master password and then copy the resulting PwdHash into your clipboard, ready for you to paste into whatever web site or app you are logging into. If you are away from your devices or are using a computer that does not have KeyGrinder installed you can always use to get your password.

KeyGrinder iOS is available in the App Store.


KeyGrinder Mac is available in the Mac App Store.